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5.0 out of 5 stars A Real Breakthrough for All Crohn's Disease Sufferers, July 31, 2009
by Tricia Best
I'm so excited to be writing a review for this book because I was actually treated by Guy, and my email is actually within the book (Tricia B, Rob Best's wife!). I'm one of the first people to have read this book when it was just a draft version. To cut a long story short, using Guy's techniques within this book I completely got rid of the Crohn's disease that had thoroughly debilitated my life for 20 years.

As some background, I had suffered from acute Crohn's disease from my late teens. The symptoms rendered me housebound for a lot of the time and as the book mentions, they're not exactly dignified. I met Guy via my husband, Rob, who's a work associate of Guy. Although they'd known each other for a few years, Guy hadn't known about my situation. As soon as he heard about it, he was apparently jumping around asking why on earth Rob hadn't mentioned it before!

When he got home, Rob was curiously confident about Guy and his methods. In their discussion Guy had apparently described my personality in detail without even having met or spoken to me - and without any prompting from Rob! It was astonishing and something I didn't comprehend until I myself spoke with Guy on the phone.

During the phone call, I could tell Guy understood my predicament, both physically and mentally. The first thing I did was to read the book and then I listened to the relaxation recordings 3 times per week. Through "Your Gut Feeling" I learned so much about myself and the way I had been thinking for so many years without even knowing the damage it was causing me physically. But it completely resonated with me and I knew it was right on the money. As a result of reading the book and listening to the recordings, I made solid progress, but then, as Guy had warned me, I did plateau for a while. Still, some progress was better than no progress.

A while later, still in the plateau stage, Guy contacted me out of the blue to set up a telephone consultation. With complete confidence he told me to get prepared for a miracle! Of course I was excited to get on with things so the appointment was set up for the following week.

Leading up to the appointment my life had been even more stressful than usual and I was feeling it. This would certainly be a test of Guy's confidence. He proceeded to take me through his "Rewind Technique" - on the phone! - which had the effect of making me laugh out loud. Although I felt good after the one-hour phone consultation, and although my stress didn't seem so important now, I certainly wasn't envisaging a "miracle" on the horizon. Guy gave me instructions to listen to the recordings and read the book again.

That night I slept very well. By the morning I could tell there was a difference, physically. Within three days, whereas I had been going to the ladies room 10-12 times per day with serious pain and urgency, I was now going once or twice per day, in comfort and completely normally. Guy was not surprised in the slightest. He simply said well done and keep it up.

That was it! No more sessions and now, over a year later, I'm in the best health of my life.

Your Gut Feeling has completely changed my life. I now no longer take steroids or other medications, and I have my life and confidence back.

Guy is a phenomena, and this book beautifully encapsulates his skills, knowledge and wisdom that come from his own experiences in kicking this supposedly incurable disease into touch.

5.0 out of 5 stars An Inspirational Book That Has The Power To Change Lives, July 25, 2009
by Stephanie J. Hale
Guy writes from the heart with a searing honesty and passion. This is both poignant and surprisingly entertaining as he describes his various medical treatments and hospital visits. Guy has the faith and courage to ignore the medical experts - and seek out his own healing. Have no doubt, this inspirational book will change lives.

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